RVFTA #74: Booking the Perfect Campground

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RVFTA #74: Booking the Perfect Campground

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RVFTA #74: Booking the Perfect Campground

Booking the Perfect Campground blog

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are dishing all our tips for finding the perfect campground and booking the perfect campsite. It’s trip planning season and if you want the magic to happen, better make those reservations now. We have given seminars on this topic and written articles, but this is the first time we put in all in one podcast.

And we have a giveaway to help you plan those trips! Good Sam has given us 5 copies of the Travel and Savings Guide (chock full of awesome articles, wink, wink). What do you have to do to win?

  • Head over to our forum, register, and introduce yourself on Roll Call forum thread. Three people with introductions will win copies of the Guide! Don’t fret if you have already said hey. You are in it to win it.
  • Look for a contest photo to be posted this week on Instagram. Like the photo and tag a friend who might think that RV Family Travel Atlas has got it going on.

There are two segments that center on tips for booking your campground reservations. First we talk about picking through the catalogs, apps, ratings, and reviews to find a campground that will suit your style. Then we move on to all of the questions you should ask yourself before booking your campsite.

Do you want every campground to be a #win? It’s gonna take a little work, but the payoff is worth it.

And we don’t completely ignore RV shopping because many of our listeners are right in the thick of it. On this episode, you will also hear a great interview with Jim Waters, the marketing coordinator for Lance Campers. He will share some information about the 50 year old RV company and talk about the newest, lightest Lance truck camper release for 2016. The 650 is built for a half-ton short-bed truck, so it should be of interest to anyone looking for a comfortable camper with a small footprint.

You might think that you have oodles of time to plan those summer vacations. But we know that the best campsites are selling like hotcakes. You are listening to Episode #74: Booking the Perfect Campground!

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1 Comment

  1. JP

    We just listened to Finding the Perfect Campground. Thanks for the advice, even after doing this RV thing for 32 years we learn something every time we listen to your podcast and read your post. RV Parks review site, is something that I hadn’t hear of. We have booked online a lot, but I’m not sure we’ll be doing that anymore.
    We do have to book something in Vermont and now we will call them to book. I do have to book 2 sites, one for our RV and a tent site for our daughter.
    My biggest thing is that I want a site that will be easier to back into, or the campground will help us back in. (Or, like the Honesdale KOA, does the back in for you!). I do like shade. We don’t use our bathroom, except at night, so the cleanliness of the bathrooms is very important for us.
    Another issue for us is road noise. Because the hybrid is partly canvas how much road noise you hear, I am a fairly light sleeper, so a truck using engine brake can wake me up.
    I do like to hear the man from Lance say that he thinks that there is a movement towards smaller units!
    Take care,


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