RVFTA #63: The Thanksgiving Special

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RVFTA #63: The Thanksgiving Special

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RVFTA #63: The Thanksgiving Special

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are celebrating the people and things we are thankful for in the world of RVing. This podcast has been around for a little more than a year, and we are so grateful for the wonderful relationships we have built along the way.

  • Our listeners
  • Our industry partners
  • Our rig
  • Our dealership
  • Campground Owners

We are also grateful for all the exciting things on the horizon and, of course, we have a big new announcement to make about our THIRD podcast. You will have to listen for all the details!

You might think RVFTA couldn’t possibly have anything else up their podcasting sleeve. But we are thankful that our listeners can never get enough RV content.

This is Episode #63: RVFTA Thanksgiving Special!

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You can find all our podcasts at


  1. JP

    We are VERY thankful for people like yourselves who are willing to share what they have learned about RVing, parenting, and life in general. Without your sharing our lives would be that less rich. Thank you!

  2. JP

    We can’t believe that you mentioned us personally in the podcast! We do really appreciate all of the tips that you send our way. We sometimes feel as if we are following your family around the U.S. i.e. Cape Cod. You guys are so nice and comfortable to listen to. BTW, your tips on coffee, way back when, we so helpful, I just finished washing out the coffee pot to get all of the coffee oils cleaned.
    Thanks for producing the Girl Campers podcast, it is really neat!


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