RVFTA #60: Fall Rally Roundup!

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RVFTA #60: Fall Rally Roundup!

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On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about the fun times had by all at the RVFTA 2015 Fall Rally.

We spent last weekend hanging at the Philadelphia/West Chester KOA with an awesome group of podcast listeners.

Hayrides, fishing, canoeing, pumpkin painting, trick or treating…and plenty of yummy food! We will touch on all the highlights and get you excited for the 2016 Spring Rally just around the corner.

You will also hear Stephanie interview three fall rally attendees–Chris, Laura, and Phil–who share a few tricks for making your next camping trip a bit more special.

Plus, we will spend a bit of time discussing a recurring topic in our email from listeners. Should we be aiming for a more secluded campground experience? Is boondocking really better? Watch out folks, we are stepping up on the soapbox and opining away.

You might think you can wait until April to join our rally fun. But we here at RVFTA believe in booking campsites early and often. You are listening to Episode #60: RVFTA Fall Rally Roundup!

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  1. Nikki

    I think we may need to clear up Jeremy’s misconceptions about winterizing in the West. We do it! Living in the eastern Sierra, our home is at 5200 feet and the city elevation of Reno is about 4500′; we are slated for our first winter storm with snow and several days of lows in the 20s this week.

    Maybe people who live in Texas or the warmer parts of Arizona and the California cost don’t have to winterize, but the rest of us in most of Nevada (everything north of Vegas), Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Wyoming, Montana, and the mountain parts of Arizona and New Mexico – we are all about the winterizing. It gets really cold here. Sometimes not as much precipitation as we’d like, but still lots and lots of cold.

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      So true, Nikki! We have so many listeners from warmer climates and Jeremy says “west” a lot, but I guess we should start saying the “Sunbelt” 🙂


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