RVFTA #49: Why is KOA Rebranding?

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RVFTA #49: Why is KOA Rebranding?

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RVFTA #49: Why is KOA Rebranding?

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about the rebranding initiative of KOA campgrounds, the largest franchise system of campgrounds in America.

Most campers have heard of KOA, and many have strong opinions. This week we will talk about the KOA franchise and more specifically, its new rebranding campaign that identifies campgrounds as Journey, Holiday, or Resort.

We will explain what each designation means and give some examples from our own travels. Hear about our time at…

And although we have partnered with KOA on their Greater Outdoors Blog and on sponsored trips, this podcast is not sponsored in any way. This is our exploration of a topic that we believe is very relevant for many of our listeners and readers.

We also invited Toby O’Rourke, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at KOA, onto the show to give you all the inside scoop on this rebranding effort. Listen to hear why KOA embarked on this project and some of the company’s plans for the future.

Plus, a serious *serious* scoop that will be of high interest to our East Coast listeners!

You may swear by KOA or maybe you have never even looked behind that yellow sign. Either way, you’ll want the serious campground intel we are gathering on Episode #49: Why is KOA Rebranding?

We are delighted to have Go RVing as our RVFTA sponsor. Listen for a message from them just a bit later in our show. To find your AWAY head over to gorving.com/rvfta.

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You can find all our podcasts at

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