RVFTA #197 Luxury Fifth Wheels with Jayco’s Matt Fisher

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RVFTA #197 Luxury Fifth Wheels with Jayco’s Matt Fisher

The Fifth Wheel has long been known as the “Cadillac” of towables. Most fivers boast spacious floorplans, private master bedrooms, and an easier overall towing experience.  But within the Fifth Wheel category their are a wide variety of price points, and a wide variety of appointment levels to go along with them. This week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas is all about luxury fifth wheels!

We here at RVFTA have noticed that the luxury segment of the fifth wheel market has been heating up and expanding in recent years. 5-10 years ago the luxury fifth wheel market seemed to be dominated by boomers with big bucks nearing retirement, but now we see more and more families making the leap into luxury at a younger age. Some of these next generation campers have seasonal sites, and consider their rigs to be their second homes in every sense of the word. While others are full timers who use their rigs as a primary residence.

So why would these very discerning campers choose to spend roughly 30-40K more on a luxury fifth wheel? Because they know that luxury fifth wheels are going to feel a lot more like home in a variety of ways. We decided that we wanted to find out more about the appeal of luxury fifth wheels. So we invited Matt Fisher, the Senior Product Manager in charge of Jayco’s luxury fifth wheel lines, onto our show to BRING THE BLING and explain the difference between entry level and the lap of luxury!

Segment One: What Makes Luxury Fifth Wheels Different?

It can be an RV industry cliche to call everything that isn’t a pop up camper, “residential.” But the current crop of luxury fifth wheels by Jayco truly fit this bill. Matt Fisher oversees the North Point and Pinnacle lines and they both have larger ceilings heights than a mid profile fifth wheel. The bedrooms can measure up to six inches taller. For RV owners who are spending months at a time on the road, or living on the road, those six inches can make a world of difference in terms of comfort. But you are not just paying more for more space. A North Point or a Pinnacle is going to have larger and more expensive appliances, and appointments throughout. Let’s take a closer look.

Jayco North Point

We fell in love with the North Point line last summer and fall when we explored a few at Jayco Homecoming and the Hershey RV Show. Jeremy loved the luxurious, full powered theatre seating in the “forward living” floorplans such as the 381FLWS. These seats come equipped with LED lighting, USB outlets, power reclining, and massage and heat features.

Stephanie loved the North Points modern, residential design features and touches. Practical things such as the bedroom bench seats for putting on your shoes. But also the on point subway tile and stainless steel double sinks in the bathroom.

The MSRP’s for the North Point line range from the upper 70’s to the lower 90’s.

We both could easily see moving into a fifth wheel at some point in our future. Either to live full time on the road after the kids have flown the coop, or to travel for months at a time without giving up the comforts of home. When we walk into a North Point its easy to imagine ourselves making coffee on a rainy morning and cozying up with a good book or magazine. Its also easy to imagine cooking an elaborate meal and not missing our sticks and bricks kitchen at all.

The exterior of the North Point is also well appointed for long term living.  The stability of the MORryde steps make a great impression when you first walk into the rig. But perhaps most importantly for the seasoned RVer, the North Point has ample exterior storage space large fresh water and black and grey tanks. The extra size for both storage of water and gear and equipment makes this a perfect choice for RVers who intend to use the rig for a home, or in place of a home.

Jayco Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is Jayco’s top of the line fifth wheel, with MSRP’s floating around 95-100K. While their are many commonalities between North Point and Pinnacle, particularly when it comes to construction, there are some noticeable differences. The most noteworthy difference may be that Pinnacles, in industry speak, are wide bodies, measuring 102 inches wide–the legal maximum for any RV.

When you walk inside a Pinnacle you might also notice the cherry wood cabinets and smell the cedar wood closets.  For the 2019 model year, the Pinnacle line will also offer a luxurious walk in shower.  So while the North Point and the Pinnacle may share some major similarities, the additional cha-ching for a Pinnacle makes visual sense.

Well we ever end up in fifth wheel? I used to say no way. But after spending time in these luxury units I could easily see selling it all and hitting the road. Is that where you are at in your journey? If so, take a listen to Matt Fisher on our podcast to learn even more about luxury fifth wheels!

The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA #197 Luxury Fifth Wheels with Jayco’s Matt Fisher

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