RVFTA #151 The Rise of the Park Model

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RVFTA #151 The Rise of the Park Model

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RVFTA #151 The Rise of the Park Model

Say goodbye to the yesterday’s manufactured home! Today’s seasonal-centric campgrounds are often comfortable and well-appointed RV resorts, filled with residential park models that are packed with creature comforts at affordable price points. Seasonal camping has become more popular than ever. So after you have pulled the trigger on that perfect campground retreat, a park model may not be too far in the future.

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas we are going to take a closer look at this growing segment of RV sales.  Our special guest is Amy Duthie, senior director of product development for Jayco. We invited Amy onto the podcast to educate us about her “Bungalow” line of park models, and this segment of the industry in general. (To learn even more about Amy, click here!)

Amy will answer questions about:

  • Differences between park models and travel trailers
  • What attracts consumers to park models
  • The logistics of buying, setting up, and caring for a park model
  • Major design changes in park models over the years

And much more…

You might think park models are only for retirees that have put away their traveling shoes, but we know they might be the perfect way for busy families to actually find their way to the campground!

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