RVFTA #147 Planning a Trip to the Pacific Northwest

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RVFTA #147 Planning a Trip to the Pacific Northwest

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RVFTA #147 Planning a Trip to the Pacific Northwest

We can’t wait to end the day with this view at the Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort in Oregon! We are only days away from our bucket-list trip to the Pacific Northwest that will include visits to 3 states, 5 campgrounds, and at least 5 national and state parks. On this week’s podcast episode, we wanted to share details about the planning that went into this very special adventure.

Segment One: The Trip Details

Our sticks and bricks home is in New Jersey, and we decided NOT to haul our RV all the way across the country to visit the Pacific Northwest. We’ll discuss some of the reasons for this decision as well as the resulting pros and cons . In this segment, we’ll also give a sneak peak at the campgrounds, cities, and parks we’ll be visiting.

Segment Two: The Trip Planning

We wanted to share our go-to resources for planning such a big adventure, so in this segment we talk about the blogs, Instagram accounts, and books (yup, we buy books!) that gave us the inspiration we needed to dream up a magical trip.

Recommended blog posts:
Rock the Park Episodes:
Instagram Accounts:
  • @mountraniernps
  • @redwoodnps
  • @olympicnationalpark
  • @pnwonderland
  • @pnw.exploring
  • @oregonexplored

Make sure to follow our grand PNW adventure on Instagram and look for Facebook Live broadcasts from the campgrounds!

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See you in the Pacific Northwest!

Stephanie + Jeremy

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  1. Lupita

    Great show! I’m a long time listener, first time emailer. I’ve been cheating and using RVFA, Girl Camper, and of course Rock the park to plan my road trips. I’m a tent camper mom from California with two tweens, but with your help we’ve hit most of our closest national parks and other spectacular state parks. It’s was scary at first, especially in places where there’s no cell coverage (Joshua Tree, Kodachrome, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, etc.) to call home and check-in with the hubby (not a big camper). So thank you so much for all the great info! I hope to graduate to a pop-up but for now we are pros at tent camping we can hit 2-3 parks in one trip.
    This summer we’re doing your Pacific Northwest trip but in reverse starting with the Redwoods. You guys mentioned the San Juan Islands but I wasn’t clear if you guys actually visited or perhaps did the whale watching trip? I’m just wondering if a 4-6 hour whale watching trip is too long for kids? Any info would be greatly appreciated. BTW it would be great if you guys could please give a little more info about the tent areas of the campgrounds reviewed.
    Thank you for everything!

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      We did do a whale watching trip because I (Stephanie) absolutely HAD to see the Orcas. It was an incredibly long day though. I know the boys enjoyed our shorter whale watching trips on the east coast more. But again, it was a bucket list item for me, so I dragged everyone along!

      • Lupita

        Awesome! Thank you for the info and for replying so quickly!

  2. Lupita

    Thank you for replying so quickly and for the info!


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