RVFTA #133 2017 Spring Gear Guide, Part One: Kate’s Camp Kitchen

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RVFTA #133 2017 Spring Gear Guide, Part One: Kate’s Camp Kitchen

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RVFTA #133 2017 Spring Gear Guide, Part One: Kate’s Camp Kitchen

Download the Complete Product Guide that accompanies this episode! 

On this episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are bringing you the first part of our popular and much anticipated Spring Gear Guide!!! We always like to mix it up a bit with our gear guides, and this time we reached out to Kate Dunbar of KatesCuriousKitchen.com and begged her to develop a complete guide for building and stocking a camp kitchen.

Boy, did she come through on that request.

Kate dug deep into her trailers (Airstream and Vintage Shasta, folks), hauled out the bins, and catalogued all the products that she uses to make the magic happen at the campground.

Kate basically runs her camp kitchen like a catering service and provides restaurant-quality meals for her crew. So you might not need as many grills, cooktops, and ovens as she does, but you can be guaranteed that the products Kate recommends have been put through their paces and thoroughly tested.

And we wanted to make sure you could easily reference the dozens of items Kate recommends on this episode, so we put together a complete guide with links to every single product mentioned. Download the PDF and start building your own dream camp kitchen today!

Listen to the episode to hear Kate discuss:

  • Setting up a Camp Kitchen
  • Aplliances and Accessories
  • Dishes and Flatware
  • Shoebox Organization

The Complete Product Guide also has a detailed listing of the items that Kate stores in each shoebox!

A huge thanks to Kate Dunbar for joining us on this 2017 Spring Gear Guide episode! And a big thanks to all our sponsors for supporting great content for all our RV fools:

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  1. Nick Missler

    Question for Kate,
    What do you grill with your small Weber grill? I’m so used to using my large Weber that I find the small one only works for direct and not inderect grilling. Am I wrong? What specifically do you use your so called smiley joe for? I’m considering garage saleing it unless you convince me otherwise as I have a cusinart propane cylinder grill. Thanks nick

    • Kate Dunbar

      Hi Nick!
      Just like you I also have one of the traditional Weber domes where I can smoke/grill turkey, chicken, burgers and tri-tips, you name it. However with the camping one because the heat is so intense I have to really be careful I cook ribs I , chicken, burgers, hotdogs, breakfast sausage I also cook bacon on it pretty much everything. But, I definitely do the indirect method I traditionally keep the right side cold the left side is where the heat is on and to safeguard it if I’m cooking a whole chicken or tri-tip I use one of those really low profile aluminum pans and I put the protein in that pan I also make up a small foil packet with saoaked wood chips and I put it on the side where the flame is so I can get that smoky flavor in there. I just create another barrier almost like a wall or a baffle in a smoker between the heat box in the smoking chamber on. I also have the griddle pan accessory for it and the burner accessory. Just remember season the grill, keep it clean and keep the heat low. If you have any other questions- just email me kate@katescuriouskitchen.com
      Don’t get rid of it, just give it another try.

  2. Faith

    Just found the podcast and this was my first episode. Love this! One comment on the oilcloth tablecloth… I use oilcloth as well. However, I put grommets on each of the long side of the fabric. Fold it over so you have a hem (like 1 inch), and use the Grommet set to get that grommet on there. SUPER Easy! Then you can use bungee cords to hold the tablecloth onto the table. The wind won’t take it away at all!


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