RVFTA #132 Say Hello to Highway West Vacations

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RVFTA #132 Say Hello to Highway West Vacations

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RVFTA #132 Say Hello to Highway West Vacations

On this episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are introducing you to Highway West Vacations, a company with 12 luxury resort campgrounds spread out across the great American West.

We were first introduced to this brand when Kate Dunbar reviewed the Flying Flags RV Resort over on Campground of the Week last year. Kate raved about this place, and we knew it was worth checking out.

Well the more we learned, the more we became convinced that Highway West Vacations has it’s finger on the pulse of campground resort trends. So we invited Didiayer Snyder, Director of Marketing and Sales, onto the show to tell us more about this growing brand.

Segment One: The History of Highway West Vacations

The Highway West Vacations brand hasn’t been around that long, but the company is growing and making a splash in the outdoor hospitality market. In the first segment of our show, Didiayer talks about where it all started and how the brand chooses campground locations.

Segment Two: The Campground

In the second segment, Didiayer takes us to some very special properties within Highway West Vacations. They have campgrounds in Utah, California, Oregon, and Washington, so we talk a bit about what makes each one so special. Need help with your campground bucket list? Yeah, we got you covered.

Segment Three: Didiayer Snyder, Full-Time RVers

Didiayer Snyder is not only the Director of Marketing and Sales for Highway West Vacations, she is also a full-time RVer who lives in a fifth wheel with her husband and two young children. We took the opportunity to chat a bit about how she came to work for Highway West Vacations and how her family has adapted to living in an RV.

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