RVFTA #125 Towable vs. Motorized with Josh the RV Nerd

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RVFTA #125 Towable vs. Motorized with Josh the RV Nerd

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RVFTA #125 Towable vs. Motorized with Josh the RV Nerd


On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas we reigniting the age old debate about which is better, motorized or towable! And while it may be different for every family we have some general tips and principals to consider before you plunk down your hard earned cash!

We decided to invite Joshua Winters (aka Josh the RV Nerd) back onto the show for this topic after we watched his great You Tube video on the same topic.

In Segment One we talk to Josh about his families dealership and their own stock and experience with towables and motorized. Josh breaks down his best selling units for us and talks about why they lean hard towards stocking towable.

In Segment Two Josh walks us through his tips to consider before deciding on towable vs. motorized:

1. Why brand new owners should go towable
2. Taking the issue of “towing” off the table
3. Budget, Budget, Budget
4. Level of Maintenance
5. Amount of Travel
6. Destination Exploration

You might think its all about the budget when deciding what type of RV to buy. But we know that there are a lot of other questions you should be asking yourself before you break the bank. This is episode #125, Towables vs. Motorized with Josh the RV Nerd!

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  1. WanderingWoods4

    This podcast defiantly gave us more to think about! We thought we were sold on class C but had some major discussions following this podcast. Thanks for your entertaining and helpful podcasts!

  2. Laura

    We were first time RV buyers this past summer. Why we chose a motorhome over a towable:

    1. The magic: I had visions of the kids & I playing games at the table while we motored down the road, making lunch, and using the bathroom without having to stop.
    2. Neither my husband or I wanted to drive a truck on a daily basis. The size towable that we would want would require a big truck.

    We are mostly weekend warriors plus a week long trip at spring break and a two week trip in the summer. We did get a tow dolly for our car. We mostly camp on the shores of Lake Michigan on the weekends, so there is no need to leave the campground and we generally leave the car at home. We do tow our car when we go on longer trips.

    I also knew that we needed something easy (read: we are the world’s laziest campers), so I wanted something we could back into our site, plug in, and be ready to relax. To that end, we are getting automatic levelers installed this month for the coming season 🙂

  3. Josh the RV Nerd

    Thanks for having me back once again! An hour with you guys just never seems long enough!

  4. Jessica

    Really enjoying the podcasts! Where might I find the Going To The Mountains knitting pattern that was mentioned in this episode? TIA!


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