RVFTA #121 Saying Hello to Our Jayco Octane Superlite Toy Hauler

The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA #121 Saying Hello to Our Jayco Octane Superlite Toy Hauler

On the last episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we said goodbye to our beloved Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer, which has taken us on countless adventures over the last 5 years. We gave a complete review of the quad bunkhouse travel trailer, talking about what features worked perfectly for our family of five, and what features drove us absolutely bonkers.

On this episode we are talking about the new rig, a Jayco Octane Superlite 272. This is a toy hauler model, and if you have been following along with the RVFTA podcast, you know we think this is the new family travel trailer. Here is the link to the 360-degree tour available on the Jayco website. You can follow along while listening to the episode if you wish.

First, we talk about why we decided to get a toy hauler as our next RV. We discuss other models we looked at, and share how we finally made our decision and settled on the Octane SL 272.

Then we move on to the floor plan and specs of the Octane SL 272. What features are we confident will be perfect? What features are we still wondering about? Listen to find out!

The show wraps up with a great interview from Brent Hamood, product director for toy hauler at Jayco. This is the guy who designs the Octane, Seismic, and Seismic Wave lines. Brent gives a great introduction to toy haulers and the Octane lines in particular.

To learn more about toy haulers and why we think they are a great option even if you are not traveling with motorized ‘toys’, check out our Facebook Live video that we did with Go RVing at the 2016 RVIA show in Louisville, Kentucky:

You can also listen to the show that started us on our own personal journey to toy hauler ownership, Episode #67 Pros and Cons of a Toy Hauler.

If you have a toy hauler or are thinking of getting one, we would love to hear from you in the comments below. We look forward to sharing all the details as we learn more about our brand new rig, the Jayco Octane SL 272.

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See you at the campground!

Stephanie + Jeremy

The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA #121 Saying Hello to Our Jayco Octane Superlite Toy Hauler

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