RVFTA #117 Dispatches from an RV Newbie

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RVFTA #117 Dispatches from an RV Newbie

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RVFTA #117 Dispatches from an RV Newbie


We couldn’t be more excited about our episode this week, Dispatches from an RV Newbie.

Our absolute favorite type of email to receive is from our listeners who have finally made the leap and bought their first RV. They tell us about how they found our podcast, all the rigs that they looked at, how they narrowed down their choices, and of course, all the fun adventures they have planned for the future.

These emails really do make us feel awesome about producing this weekly podcast.

So this fall we decided to reach out to one of those listeners who sent us an email last January, and see how that first season went for the family. Neil Potter was incredibly generous and agreed to come on the show, tell us about his story, and offer some tips for the RV newbie.


Neil starts at the beginning and tells us about how he originally got the RV bug and then he dishes on how he convinced his wife to go along with his seemingly crazy scheme. We think that hearing about Neil and Melissa’s journey will definitely help any of those listeners out there that are in the RV dreaming stage themselves. And for those of you that aren’t quite newbies anymore? This episode will bring back some fond memories, for sure.


In the second segment, Neil moves into the nitty gritty and gives some really solid, helpful tips to be more successful as an RV newbie. He talks about the importance of checklists, researching and learning your RV, and his love of Command Strips and Command Utility Hooks. We were so glad he mentioned these, since it took us a few years to discover the magic power of these super-sticky organizing miracles.

We are so thankful that Neil agreed to come on the show and share his dispatches from an RV newbie. We know that his family will have many, many more RV adventures in the future, and we look forward to hearing about them at RVFTA.


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See you at the campground!

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  1. Teresa A.

    So loved the podcast this morning. I purchased my first trailer last November as well, and this discussion was so relatable. I have made so many newbie mistakes over the last 12 months, it’s great to know I am in good company. Thanks for being there for us RVFTA!

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      So glad you enjoyed it! We really felt like Neil was spot on with many of his newbie takeaways!!! Best wishes for a fantastic 2nd season:-)

  2. April

    I loved this episode! Lots of great ideas to use for future trips! The last few minutes were too funny! Jeremy, yes my husband uses the sanitary gloves and he is a fire truck mechanic by day. Believe me he is not afraid of having dirty and greasy hands, but at least he knows what it is on his hands. He uses the gloves!! LOLOL!

  3. Sara

    Finished listening to this episode today. Loved it. I’m going to contact our manufacturer like Neil did-fabulous idea to help with organizing. We bought our travel trailer last August, but have only been on 2 trips due to several factors impacting our schedule. We can’t wait to get out next year-we’ve been listening to all of your podcasts and planing! My boys keep asking,’When are we going camping again?’ Your podcast is keeping their interest up. 🙂

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Wasn’t that a great tip???? Glad you enjoyed the episode!


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