RVFTA #113 Casita Dean and the Invasion of the Egg People

The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA #113 Casita Dean and the Invasion of the Egg People


On this episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are diving into the fascinating and quirky world of molded fiberglass travel trailers, otherwise known as egg campers. These RVs have their very own cult following, so we went to the source and invited a Casita owner onto the show to dish on the drama of researching, buying, and camping in a fiberglass trailer.

Dean May, and his wife Laura, bought a 2005 Casita 17′ Freedom Deluxe travel trailer just last year. They are recent empty nesters looking forward to retirement in about 10 years. A few years ago, they never imagined themselves as RV owners, but that all changed with one fateful group text between Dean and his brothers and brothers-in-law. In this episode, we will learn the story behind their egg camper purchase, and the journey to finding the perfect tow vehicle to haul it.

Dean also takes us inside the world of molded fiberglass travel trailer manufacturers. Here are the companies mentioned in this episode:

  • Scamp Trailers
  • Casita
  • Escape Trailers
  • Bigfoot Trailers
  • Oliver Trailers
  • Parkliner Trailers
  • Lil Snoozy Trailers
  • EggCamper
  • Nest
  • Happier Camper
  • Armadillo

If you are interested in researching or purchasing a molded fiberglass travel trailer, Dean highly recommends the following resources:

And Dean and Laura also highly recommend checking out the great egg camper rallies and events held around the country each year. Here are the events mentioned in this episode:

  • Green Eggs and Ham Rally, Alabama
  • Eggs ala Bourbon Rally, Kentucky
  • Eggs on the Hiawassee River, Georgia
  • Cherokee Egg Rally, North Carolina
  • Land between the Lakes Egg Rally, Tennessee

You might think the world of the travel trailer is boring, blah, and bland. But we know that Casita Dean hatched a plan to own the most adorable tiny camper out there. You are listening to Episode #113: Casita Dean and the invasion of the Egg People!

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The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA #113 Casita Dean and the Invasion of the Egg People

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