RVFTA #110 Say Hello to Winnebago Towables

The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA #110 Say Hello to Winnebago Towables


On this podcast episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are taking our listeners back to Middlebury, Indiana and talking to Mark Gerber, the Director of Marketing for Winnebago Towables. Mark gave our family an awesome tour of the factory during our visit, and then sat down to chat about what’s in the future for this iconic RV manufacturer.

Plus, we know many of our listeners heard the news last week that Winnebago acquired Grand Design, the 5-year old RV manufacturer that has caused quite a splash in the industry over a very short period of time (you can read the press release here). So we called Sam Jefson, Public Relations Specialist at Winnebago, and talked about why Grand Design was such a good fit for an iconic RV company, and what kinds of products we might expect in the future.

We also spend time talking about the 5 lines of travel trailers that are available from Winnebago right now. This is one of the smaller towables manufacturers, so you may not see a wide variety of their rigs at regional RV shows or on your local dealer lots. But they have a TON of options with quite a bit of style and flare, so if you are currently shopping, check out the trailer lines that we discuss. For a great overview of floorplans and specs, click on the Brochure PDF option available on each of the following pages:

Other topics mentioned during this episode include:

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The RV Atlas Podcast
RVFTA #110 Say Hello to Winnebago Towables

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