RV Family Travel Atlas #19: RV Design…What’s Hot, What’s Not?

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RV Family Travel Atlas #19: RV Design…What’s Hot, What’s Not?

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On this episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about RV Design. Turns out, it’s usually the little things that matter, so we have a list of 10 trending features and (of course!) some strong opinions about each one.

We are also going to share our blogger crush of the week. Just5MoreMinutes.com has us yearning to head out to the Pacific Northwest and cook some amazing food over a campfire.

Our campground review of the week features Branches of Niagara. Located in Grand Island, New York, the campground is only 10 minutes away from Niagara Falls State Park. We were blown away by the fun activities and friendly staff. If Niagara Falls is on your traveling bucket list, this campground should be as well. Check out our blog review for more details.

Also mentioned in this episode? Some thoughts from earlier this year on whether or not weekend trips are worth it. And if you are looking for some more of our thoughts on floor plans and RV models, you can listen to the these previous episodes:

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Pros and Cons of a Pop Up Camper

8 Tips for First Time RV Buyers

RV Show Madness

We would love to hear from you! What design features are you head over heals for this season? And what features are driving you crazy? Leave a comment below, email us, or head over to our Facebook page and message us there.


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