RV Family Travel Atlas: 10 Tips for First-Time RV Buyers

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RV Family Travel Atlas: 10 Tips for First-Time RV Buyers

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In Episode 11, we are sharing our best tips for RV newbies. We had no idea what we were doing 5 years ago when we bought our first RV, so we totally understand how overwhelming it can be.

One of our listeners asked us, “How the hell do you start this journey?!”.

Well, hopefully this episode will answer that question.

We also review one of our new favorite shows, The Profit, which airs 10 pm Tuesdays on CNBC.

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Thanks for listening!

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  1. Charlie

    We are first time buyers of a Travel Trailer, and we didn’t know that how many different prices range from one dealer to another. Its very confession for a first timer or at least to me

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Yup…that is why you have to do your research. The dealers definitely do not make it easy to know the fair market value of a trailer. Online forums can be a great place to start.

  2. Charlie

    Thanks for the help.


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