RV Family Travel Atlas: 10 Reasons RV Vacations Are Better!

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RV Family Travel Atlas: 10 Reasons RV Vacations Are Better!

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On this episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are sharing our 10 Reasons RV Vacations are Better. In our 20 years of traveling together, we have flown on planes, stayed in hotels, and rented vacation homes. But now it’s RV or Bust. We will talk about why there is simply no better way to travel for our family.

We are also reviewing one of our home state campgrounds,  Pleasant Acres in the Skylands Region of Northwest NJ.

And we have a product review from a great new company out of California, Camp Casual. We will review a lovely 12 piece dish set and talk about how you can win one for your own RV. You can  visit our Instagram page, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Pinterest Gear Board for more information. You can also leave us a review of iTunes for an entry.

You can read more about this topic by visiting our original blog post here, or you can read about unpacking the value of a cabin and feeding your kids on the road.

Remember, you can subscribe to RV Family Travel Atlas on iTunes, and thanks so much to those listeners who have written a review!


Listen to The RV Atlas Podcasts…

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