Happy New Year! It’s Gonna Be Hard to Beat 2013…

Happy New Year! It’s Gonna Be Hard to Beat 2013…
2013, thank you for the best gift ever.

2014, here we come.

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  1. PapPappy

    Right back at ya! One of our best was in 2010, when our grandson, MJ was born, but we also are very happy for other years, such as when Claudia and I met, when we married, when our children were born, and all the years since then, when there have been moments in time that are too special to even mention.
    You and the Lively Little Campers will make memories each and every year. And, you are fortunate that with the technology today, you can put those memories in your Blog, for others to read and look at and share. Thank you for that!

    Happy New Year! We look forward to the adventures that happen this coming year!


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