Unboxing the Spring Gear Guide: Night Stick Dual Light with Dual Magnets

On podcast Episode #31, the Spring Gear Guide, we reviewed over a dozen products that we highly recommend for the RVing family.

Then we realized that even though we write about these products and talk about these products, people still want to see them in action.

Enter YouTube.

We started publishing short, simple unboxing videos last week, showing off the Camp Casual 12-piece dish set.

This week we are moving onto another product, the Night Stick Dual Light with Dual Magnets. The price point of almost $30 can seem expensive, so in this video Jeremy is reviewing the great selling features.

The Night Stick Dual Light with Dual Magnets is a traditional flashlight with the added bonus of a flood light, magnets, clip, bright orange color, and waterproof exterior.

Watch Jeremy’s YouTube review in order to see each one of these features demonstrated!


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