Unboxing the Spring Gear Guide: Camp Casual 12-Piece Dish Set

So sometimes we feel that writing about products and talking about products just doesn’t quite satisfy our audience. You all want to see the gear we are recommending, right?

So in walks the RV Family Travel Atlas YouTube channel. Yup, it now exists…so head on over and check us out.

We are going to keep it pretty simple: unboxing the products that we review on our blog and podcast, showing how we use gear at the campground, and demonstrating our simple tips and tricks for practical things like cooking and organizing the RV.

We decided to start out by unboxing a product that we reviewed months ago on our podcast. We fell in love with the Camp Casual 12-piece dish set because it is such a practical AND fun item, adding a lot of style into the world of hum drum RV products.

We ran a giveaway contest and the response from our listeners revealed that tons of other people feel the same way about these dishes from Camp Casual. The company promises that there are more products to come, and we will keep you posted.

So without further ado, here is our unboxing of the Camp Casual 12-piece dish set. Stay tuned for the next product from our RV Family Travel Atlas Spring Gear Guide.


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