The RVFTA Coloring Contest: A Cure For the Winterization Blues

The RVFTA Coloring Contest: A Cure For the Winterization Blues

Travel Trailer Coloring Page

They say that camping is the best kind of therapy. But when you can’t camp, coloring pictures of travel trailers works pretty well, too.

Inspired by a post on our RVFTA forum, Jeremy recently went a little hog wild and bought us three camping coloring books. They were supposed to be for the adults, but the boys jumped on the camper coloring crazy train, and now its a bit of a thing in our house.

Yesterday, I noticed the colored pages were beginning to pile up in various areas of the house. The boys have honestly put so much effort into the project, and I hated the thought of the papers getting crumbled, torn, and eventually thrown out in one of my cleaning furies.

So I went to the Dollar Store and bought of stack of frames. Viola! Playroom wall art. This is as crafty as I get, people.

camper coloring

Now it seems like everyone else wants to join in on the camper coloring fun, so we are announcing our RVFTA Coloring Contest. Here is what you need to do:

  • Get a copy of one of the coloring books listed below.
  • Create your artistic masterpiece.
  • Take a picture and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #RVFTAcoloring

We will pick a favorite picture every week and regram it. Then on March 1st, we will pick from the regrammed finalists to award the RVFTA Camper Coloring Champion. The winner will receive a signed copy of our book, The Idiot’s Guide to RV Vacations, when it comes out in May 2016.


So get yourself a coloring book and a nice cup of tea. Therapist’s orders.


  1. JannaMontanna

    Cute idea! Love the boys’ artwork! I hope to do some coloring myself, too!

  2. Soulfulrvfamily

    Great idea! I am excited to see how creative my boys will be with these coloring pages. 🙂

  3. Angela

    Finally ordered them! Cannot wait to start coloring these. It’s funny how this has become a thing. I’ve never stopped coloring since a was a kid. I’ve got a box of supplies under the bed.


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