The Nightlight Chronicles, Cont. (or, when do they start just going to bed?)

The Nightlight Chronicles, Cont. (or, when do they start just going to bed?)

A few months ago, I posted about our nightlight that turns green when the boys are allowed to get out of bed in the morning. This handy gadget keeps our early risers in bed until a fairly reasonable hour and it was a complete catastrophe when we left it behind on our first camping trip of the season.

The folks at American Innovative (makers of said nightlight) saw the review and asked us if we would be willing to try one of their new products…Danny the Penguin.

Sure, we said. Send him our way. And they did. They sent one Danny the Penguin. One Danny. And if you are the parents of twins, you probably know where this story is going.

Danny is a pretty sweet nightlight. He is small enough to keep comfortably in bed and your child can choose between five different colors by just pressing a button on the bottom. Danny also has a color-change setting where each color slowly fades into the next one. He turns off automatically after 30 minutes, but I love how the boys can turn them back on by clicking the button.

My boys got a crash course in sharing when it turned out that they had to split the womb, so they are actually pretty good at it most of the time. However, when it came to deciding on the color that Danny would be that first night, BIG PROBLEM. I want yellow. I want blue. No, I want pink.

Just. Go. To. Bed.

We instituted a rotating choice system, and the boys fell in line. Over the weeks, they got more and more attached to Danny. His friendly, glowing smile seemed to soothe them to sleep.

Here’s the bottom line though: there are some things that are just not meant to be shared. Eventually Danny became an irremovable part of the bedtime routine. The time had come. A quick trip to the online superstore and a second Danny was on the way.

The boys were ecstatic that they had finally achieved total color choice independence.

Now whether they are sleeping in our camper or in our home, you are certain to see two glowing orbs and their nightlight. Its like a little American Innovative light show.

Sweet dreams.

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