Beach Camping: Three Small Products that Make a Big Difference!

Beach Camping: Three Small Products that Make a Big Difference!

Most people do not think of beach camping when they think of the fall season. But here at RV Family Travel Atlas, we believe September and October are the two best months of the year to park your rig in the sand. The crowds are gone, the weather is cooler, and the water is still warm.

We are headed off to one of our favorite beach camping spots in North Carolina this fall, so it is the perfect time to share three of our favorite little products that make a BIG difference when vacationing on the shore.

Kids Backpack Beach Chair

kids backpack beach chair

This was an impulse purchase at a touristy beach store that ended up being one of our favorite items of beach gear. We hate it when our boys try to steal our beach chairs, but it is tricky to haul down seats for everyone in the family. We love that our boys can easily carry these chairs on their backs. Priced around $20, they seemed expensive at the time. However, they have lasted almost 4 years and are still in good shape.

Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

beach umbrella sand anchor

It is definitely windier on the beach in the fall, but often the sun is still strong enough to call for a beach umbrella. Don’t be one of those people chasing their umbrella down the beach. These sand anchors are very inexpensive, costing under $10 even at pricey beach bodegas. They are worth every penny.

Sand Off Baby Powder Mitt


Beach veterans know that baby powder does a fantastic job getting sand off little bodies (and big for that matter). There are many baby powder pouch products out there that make the whole process even easier. I like this mitt version that goes over your hand and then you just wipe down the sandy arms, legs, and feet. Crafty folks could sew one of these in a flash…or just buy online like us.

In the mood for more fall beach camping talk? Listen to our Beach Camping podcast episode or read about our 4 Favorite Spots to Beach Camp in the Fall.


  1. Steve

    I picked up a couple of backpack beach chairs at Costco last month on clearance. Dirt cheap. Haven’t used them yet but anxiously awaiting the chance. They are very nice chairs. The wife is a little OCD about sand on her feet so I’ll want to try the Sand-Off for sure.

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Awesome! We need a third one, so I wish I had scoped out the clearance at Costco last month:-) I often see the Sand-Off at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so if you have a coupon…

      • Steve

        Always have a coupon. Thanks!


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