White House Sub Shop Makes Roadfood’s Top 100 in USA!

White House Sub Shop Makes Roadfood’s Top 100 in USA!

To celebrate Roadfood’s recent selection of White House Subs to their top 100 “must-visit stops” the campers decided to go directly to the source for a classic Jersey Shore munchdown.  Last fall we headed to their Taj Mahal location to get our primordial eat on–but this time it was back to the less glittery but more glorious Arctic Avenue original.



The pictures on the walls tell a thousand stories and are dripping with Atlantic City history.  Take a close look at the top of the last picture.  Yes, that is a framed towel that was used by Frank Sinatra for his last A.C. concert.  I know, I know–not very appetizing, but incredibly cool.

When the campers arrived we were lucky to get a table and get our submarines quickly, because we were all ravenous.



Stephanie attacked her turkey with zest and uninhibited joy:


Theo tackled his tuna without fear, while Max marveled at the size and heft of his hoagie.


 Meanwhile, Wes and I crunched and cuddled. Don’t look too closely. I think there’s food in my beard.


During our meal we chatted with a nice lady behind the counter, who may have been the owner.  When I went up to the register to pay her at the end of our epic feast she asked, “what can I get your boys to take home? They have such beautiful faces!”

And the boys scored some free Tastykakes…


 which pretty much made it a perfect day for them.  Stephanie and I held the Tastykakes hostage and demanded “best behavior” for the rest of the day.  And it worked.  So it was a perfect day for us too.

Onward to Spring.



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  1. Anonymous

    I have been a fan of the White House for 60 years.From High School to Retirement the are the Best!


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