Weekend Warrior French Toast (+Bonus Dessert “Recipe”)

Learning to cook has been an exciting and stressful process for me. Cooking is exciting when the food comes out good and Stephanie and the boys enjoy it. But it is stressful when I spend good money on food and precious time cooking and it comes out tasting like…..rubber, cardboard, burnt flesh, over seasoned roadkill, cement etc…

So I’ve been playing it safe and trying to master a few basic recipes. I know that I am stretching it a bit even using the word RECIPES here. But bear with me RVFTA peeps. I think we can have some fun together.

You have to start somewhere, right?

For the fall season of the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast we are starting each episode with a segment called What’s Cookin’ With RVFTA! Stephanie and I will take turns sharing our favorite meals that we love making at the campground.  I look forward to the challenge of sharing some of my favorite campground meals with you!

I also hope that I can inspire some of the other RV dads out there who have never cooked before to share the load and start making a few meals, both at home and the campground. With this goal of getting the non-cooking dad to cook, I will also be featuring some of the gear that I am using in future “recipes.”

I think that many dads who don’t enjoy cooking might actually enjoy using the gear involved in cooking. I think this is part of the reason why Blackstone Griddles have exploded among camping dads over the past few years. They are just really stinkin’ fun to use.

Making breakfast on the Blackstone was one of the highlights of my camping season. My pancake making skills still leave a bit to be desired. But my French Toast skillz are really starting to shine. Or at least not taste like cardboard!

So here it is–my Weekend Warrior French Toast made specifically with the Blackstone in mind.

Ingredients for Weekend Warrior French Toast

12-14 Slices of Wonder Bread (feel free to get fancy here but WB works great for French Toast)

10 Organic Eggs (organic eggs make me feel better about the Wonder Bread situation)

20 Shakes of Cinnamon (a shake is about twice the size of a pinch)

5 Shakes of Nutmeg (See Above)

10 Drops of Vanilla (one per egg)

One Tablespoon Honey

**Basically two shakes of Cinnamon per one egg, one shake of Nutmeg per two eggs, one drop of Vanilla per egg. memorize it and adjust accordingly)

One Large Splash of Organic Milk 

                   Max, Theo, and Wes Enjoying Weekend Warrior French Toast in South Dakota

Directions for Weekend Warrior French Toast On the Blackstone 22” Griddle

Friday: Pre-make the french toast custard (that’s what Alton Brown calls it) the night before. Throw all of the ingredients in the Whiskware Egg Mixer With BlenderBall Wire Whisk the night before you leave for your camping trip. Shake the bejesus out of the thing (at least 50 times). Breathe. Have a drink of water. Shake the bejesus out of it again. Be thankful you are not creating any other dirty dishes in the process. Pack the Egg Mixer in the cooler or bring it right out to the RV Fridge. The nice thing about using the Whiskware Egg Mixer is that it takes up less space than a bowl and it stands upright. Space is often at a premium in our RV fridge, how ’bout yours? 

Cracking the eggs using this Egg Maker takes a wee little bit of getting used to, but it works surprising well.

Leave the bread out overnight if you can. If not, no worries….

                 Whiskware Egg Mixer


Saturday Morning: The cinnamon and nutmeg in the Egg Mixer will have settled to the bottom a long time ago. So shake it up throughly before pouring the eggs into one of your Camp Casual Nesting Bowls.

Crank up the Blackstone to medium/high heat.

If you are using the 22″ Blackstone Tabletop Griddle slather butter all over the entire griddle. Soak each side of the bread for about 8-10 seconds. All 12-14 pieces will easily fit on the Blackstone 22″ and breakfast will be done in a jiffy.

                                                              Camp Casual Nesting Bowls


Please serve with real Maple Syrup. Just because.

***Bonus Dessert “Recipe”

Heat up the leftover slices of French Toast on the Blackstone. Add Jelly and a shake of cinnamon for an absolutely delicious dessert.

See You At the Campground!

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