Best in Show: Our 10 Favorite Rigs at the Florida RV Supershow

Best in Show: Our 10 Favorite Rigs at the Florida RV Supershow

If you listened to RVFTA episode #72 last week, you know that we had a grand ole time at the Florida RV Supershow. On that episode we talked about the seminars, entertainment, food, and vendors. And we gave a ton of advice about navigating the thousands of RVs that are on site for one of the largest shows in America.

So now it’s time for our personal top 10 list. Our Best in Show picks from the Florida RV Supershow.

What were the criteria?

100% complete and total subjectivity.

Some of these rigs we would love to have now. Some we would love to have once our brood has flown the nest. Others would be awesome to keep around for the rare romantic getaway.

Basically, these rigs popped. So drumroll, please.

 1. The Cricket Trailer by TAXA

The Cricket Trailer

We want one of these in our driveway, and we want to do amazing things with it. The Cricket is not a funny looking tent trailer. It is an top-quality adventure wagon. We nabbed a whole interview with a TAXA rep, and can’t wait for you to hear it on the podcast.

Did we mention we want one?

2. The TigerMoth Trailer by TAXA

TigerMoth Trailer

TigerMoth Outdoor Kitchen

At 900 pounds, this trailer can be pulled with your 4-cylinder family car. The manufacturer calls this an ‘adventure base camp’, and we loved the no-frills utility and quality materials. We also were smitten with the slide out camp kitchen.

3. Winnebago Fuse 23A

Winnebago Fuse 23A

Interior Winnebago Fuse 23A

By moving the bathroom to the rear and including a set of twin beds, this brand new Class C motorhome feels unbelievable spacious for its relatively small size. There are plenty of flexible seating options and furniture arrangements, with two movable pedestal tables and swivel captains’ chairs.

4. Jayco Octane T30F 

Octane Toy Hauler 30F

This is our right now pick, and deserves a special shoutout for being the first toy hauler model that we both could agree on. We love the airy feel, especially when the back gate is open and the screen is pulled down. An L-shaped kitchen, two entries, and a private master bedroom earned this a total of four thumbs up from the executive team at RVFTA.

5. Thor 30.2 Bunkhouse A.C.E. Class A

Thor ACE Class C

This is not a debut model, but we continue to think it is the most family-friendly Class A bunkhouse floor plan out there. It boasts huge amounts of storage near the entry door and a shoe locker (right where kids drop all their stuff). We also love the driver-side bunks and chef-friendly kitchen layout with slide-out pantry. Stephanie salutes any design that moves the cooktop away from the seating area. Our family of 5 could comfortably travel in this rig.

6. Cirrus Truck Camper by Little Guy Worldwide

Cirrus Truck Camper Little Guy

You will definitely hear more about this truck camper on an upcoming podcast episode. It has a serious wow factor, combining the traditional features of a truck camper with modern and sleek styling. It can also be towed by a half ton truck. Double wow.

7. Jayco Whitehawk 32dsbh

Jayco Whitehawk exterior

2016 Whitehawk

We love our 2012 White Hawk, but have to admit the new ones have come a long way, baby. The curtains have been replaced by pocket doors, the bunkhouse received a makeover, and the entryway now features a shoe locker and coatrack.

Yes, please.

8. Winnebago Winnie Drop


We like the look, size, and price point of these versatile travel trailers, and even dream about having one for our family so we could fit into those tight spots in national park campgrounds. Normal folks have more than one RV, right?

9. Aliner Expedition


If we had chosen an Aliner as our first camper, it might have lasted a little longer than our pop up did. These are so easy to set up, and the dormers make them feel roomy inside. We would pick one with a wet bath, for sure.

10. Jayco Designer Fifth Wheel

Jayco Designer Fifth Wheel

If we ever decided to full-time, this might be the rig we would choose. To be frank, it feels like being in a luxury New York City apartment, with a farmhouse sink, induction cooktop, fireplace, and residential finishes. We will be talking more about the Designer line on an upcoming podcast episode.

From tent trailers to truck campers to fifth wheels to Class As, there really was something for everyone at the Florida RV Supershow.

Now excuse us while we go build a couple of new driveway pads, and order ourselves a few new rigs…


  1. Outside Inn

    Love it! So great to see inside the rigs. Normal people have multiple vintage trailers, so why not multiple RVs?

  2. RVcircus

    Great list of innovative RV’s. And yes, normal folks have more than one RV (that’s what I tell my wife).

  3. SixPackSammy

    Great review, Thank you, your content is always so good! We are a family of 6 from Arizona (4 boys: 8 yrs, 5 yrs, 3 yrs, & 1 yr), we currently have a Jayco Class C but are considering upgrading to a Class A Diesel to make long travel more comfortable. I have been a listener for almost a year and notice you seem to talk about Class A GAS motorhomes on your podcasts but rarely the diesels. Do you plan to review class a diesels anytime in the future or dedicate an episode on big rigs for large families? I would love it! There are so many choices and they are defiantly pricey and would love to have an opinion from the NPR quality podcast experts. Keep being awesome and thank you.

    PS, thought you’d find it ironic that even though we live in Arizona, we actually purchased our new Jayco from Whitehorse RV in NJ as well a couple of years ago.

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Good timing, SixPackSammy! We have a segment on Class A’s on the upcoming podcast with Keith and Tia Sims. Stay tuned…
      And thank you for your kind words. And Whitehorse RV? That is just amazingly weird, haha. But we love them.

  4. Dean

    Great list. I like several of them. . .the Cricket, the Cirrus Truck Camper, the Winnebago Fuse, the Winnie Drop, and the A-Liner are all great small rigs in their respective segments!

  5. Celeste

    They all sound wonderful and I think it is perfectly normal for families to have multiple campers.
    On a side note, I was scrolling through this post with my 2 year old in my lap. He saw the pictures and said, “I go camping now.”
    I agree!

  6. RVFamilyTravelAtlas

    Erin and RVCirus, we appreciate your support:-)

  7. RVFamilyTravelAtlas

    Celeste, Our 2 year old heard us talking about a tiny trailer one day and said, “No, I want a BIG camper!”
    They have the bug bad…

  8. RVFamilyTravelAtlas

    Thanks, Dean! There was so much to choose from at the show, it was fun to make the list.

  9. Fordiesel250

    The Tiger Moth trailer really caught my eye. Where can one find more information on it at?

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Love the trailers by TAXA. Go to for more info and listen to our upcoming podcast with an interview from a company rep!

  10. SixPackSammy

    Thanks for the reply Stephanie, I remember an episode about nine months ago where you interviewed the Sims… I really enjoyed it, they seem like a happy family that’s living the life! I initially was surprised about how many young families I see in Arizona that have large class A diesel’s, but the more I thought about it it made sense because we don’t have to winterize our RVs in Arizona and can literally use them you’re around…..that and the fact that there are so many great places to travel out west could help justify the cost.

    I have tried to do a lot of research on my own around the different models, we’re are looking for one with bunkbeds, which limits it as most of the big rigs are designed for retired snowbirds. We have really narrowed in on the Fleetwood discovery 40G. I will be excited to listen to the upcoming podcasts for your take on the diesel class A’s.

    I really do enjoy listening to your podcast every week, you guys do a great job, it gets me excited about our next RV trip. :). Having spent a few years on the East Coast, it makes me smile when I hear some of you Jersey accents coming through.

  11. JP

    You have some interesting picks there, but no hybrids? I’m hurt. Not really, as I’ve said before we will be moving to a class B as our next step. The snow was great wasn’t it?

  12. Toni Bright

    We wonder if the Fuse would be comfortable for two fulltimimg?
    Toni & Sally

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Toni–personally, I could never full-time in a class B. That being said, this was the most spacious and comfortable class B I have ever been in and if I were to buy a class B this would be it. The only thing to think about is the positioning of the rear bathroom and how to access it during the night. Those twin beds become a queen–if you use it that way getting to the bathroom would be tricky. If you keep the twins as twins then you would be fine. –Jeremy

  13. Dara

    I JUST discovered the amazing world of RVing a year or two ago and I am so inspired by what these families are doing! I love that the Internet allows folks to share their experiences, give tips, and show it’s possible to live life differently than what we’ve come to expect. Thanks so much for this post–I pinned it to show my husband later. 🙂

  14. sharon

    We love our cricket!


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