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12 Aug
We looked at the swim and we jumped right in…(part two)

We looked at the swim and we jumped right in…(part two)

Lincolnville, Maine While we were camping at Camden Hills State Park I read an article in the Bangor Daily News about a blog called  This useful new blog is dedicated to recommending and documenting great swims in the great state of Maine.  It motivated me to get some more swim in during our New England expedition.  Luckily, towards the end of our trip one of our co-campers discovered a great little beach for swimming about 5 miles north of the park on U.S. Route 1. Our group decided to head to Lincolnville Beach for our last... Read More

Grownups’ Night Out: The Pearl in Rockland, Maine

Here are a few of the choice comments that I receive on a near-daily basis about having twins:1. God Bless You! 2. Better you than me! 3. My, don’t you have your hands full! 4. I don’t know how you do it!I think this kind of constant reaction from people has sort of deep down convinced me that my children really are too much of a handful for the average babysitter. Not that many people have ever offered to watch my children just for the hay of it, but when they do, you sort of think, “Are you serious? Do you know what you... Read More

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