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15 Sep
6 Quick Tips for Enjoying America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, PA

6 Quick Tips for Enjoying America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, PA

America’s Largest RV Show, better known as the Hershey RV Show, rolls into Pennsylvania every September like clockwork. What should you expect to find there? Over 33 football fields of RV’s, many of which are brandy-new models for the upcoming year.  The PRVCA promises that “virtually every manufacturer and model” will be there. RVFTA is always there as well, checking out the latest and greatest for RV shoppers. The Hershey RV Show really is a great opportunity for buyers. However, if you aren’t prepared, you... Read More
02 Jun
RVFTA 1st Annual Rally Roundup!

RVFTA 1st Annual Rally Roundup!

We did it. An actual RV Family Travel Atlas Rally took place this past weekend at Lake-in-Wood Camping Resort in Narvon, Pennsylvania. Here are the 10 most important facts to report: 1. We have the nicest listeners and readers ever. Seriously. In the privacy of our own RV, we continuously marveled at that fact that all of our attendees ended up being super, duper cool.     2. Campfires and games create instant community. Everywhere and all the time.   4. Potluck dinners stand the test of time.   5. Everyone wants to win... Read More
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