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Unboxing the Spring Gear Guide: Night Stick Dual Light with Dual Magnets

On podcast Episode #31, the Spring Gear Guide, we reviewed over a dozen products that we highly recommend for the RVing family. Then we realized that even though we write about these products and talk about these products, people still want to see them in action. Enter YouTube. We started publishing short, simple unboxing videos last week, showing off the Camp Casual 12-piece dish set. This week we are moving onto another product, the Night Stick Dual Light with Dual Magnets. The price point of almost $30 can seem expensive, so in this video... Read More

Unboxing the Spring Gear Guide: Camp Casual 12-Piece Dish Set

So sometimes we feel that writing about products and talking about products just doesn’t quite satisfy our audience. You all want to see the gear we are recommending, right? So in walks the RV Family Travel Atlas YouTube channel. Yup, it now exists…so head on over and check us out. We are going to keep it pretty simple: unboxing the products that we review on our blog and podcast, showing how we use gear at the campground, and demonstrating our simple tips and tricks for practical things like cooking and organizing the RV. We... Read More
15 Apr
Keeping Fresh and Clean: 3 Products to Stock in the RV

Keeping Fresh and Clean: 3 Products to Stock in the RV

I have learned over the last two years that it really is worth it to stock the RV as much as possible for the entire season. I used to go through a toiletry and cleaning supply checklist before each and every trip, hauling shampoo, paper towels, and diapers out to the camper the night before leaving. Mostly this is because I’m not a spender. I resisted the big stock up shopping trip, preferring to add extra work for myself each and every time we traveled. Well, I’ve wised up a bit, and now I know the items I can buy at the... Read More
03 Dec
RV Family Travel Atlas Holiday Gift Guide: What Was on that List???

RV Family Travel Atlas Holiday Gift Guide: What Was on that List???

In Episode 10 of RV Family Travel Atlas, we gave our recommendations for 12 great holiday gifts. Here is a list, with links, to all of the products that we reviewed. Listen to the podcast for the complete lowdown on each item! For the Kids… 1. Globe For Kids Illuminated Earth Globe: Our boys’ favorite camper nightlight… 2. Spinaroos: One bin of these blocks will keep kids of all ages happy! 3. Spot It! A Card Game that is great for a rainy day or a little down time after dinner. 4. Kids’ Sprout 12 Day Pack from LL... Read More
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