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In Spite of the Busy, Something Permanent Everyday

My day started at 5:30 this morning. I was on my way to work by 6:50, getting the kids from school at 4:00, eating dinner at 5:30, and baths and bed by 7:00. In between all of these major checkpoints, there was lunch packing and dish unloading and oatmeal making and face wiping and milk pouring and media negotiating. Today wasn’t anything special. Today was busy. Most days are. I’m a bit routine obsessed. The only way I can get through one of my typical week days is by having a mental checklist, marking it off in my mind, making... Read More
23 May
One Fish, Two Fish, the Campers Caught You Fish!

One Fish, Two Fish, the Campers Caught You Fish!

Jeremy and I have mentioned quite a few times over the last year that we would really love to get the boys out fishing. The conversation comes up, we nod in agreement, and then the subject is dropped with no action taken. What’s the big deal, you might ask. You can drag your toddlers up to Acadia National Park for weeks on end, but you can’t get a $10 Spiderman fishing pole and mosey on down to the lake? I know. Jeremy and I both grew up on the water. I had a river in my backyard and he had the Atlantic Ocean.  We both dabbled in... Read More

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