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Grownups’ Night Out: The Pearl in Rockland, Maine

Here are a few of the choice comments that I receive on a near-daily basis about having twins:1. God Bless You! 2. Better you than me! 3. My, don’t you have your hands full! 4. I don’t know how you do it!I think this kind of constant reaction from people has sort of deep down convinced me that my children really are too much of a handful for the average babysitter. Not that many people have ever offered to watch my children just for the hay of it, but when they do, you sort of think, “Are you serious? Do you know what you... Read More
01 Aug
A Train Ride Into the Past: Boothbay Railway Village

A Train Ride Into the Past: Boothbay Railway Village Boothbay, Maine While touring around Boothbay we also took in the Boothbay Railway Village.  We bought our train tickets and headed out back to check out the pond and some of the old trains and fire engines that were on display behind the station.  The boys loved climbing up on those fire engines and running around on the lawn and at the edge of the pond. They got to climb up on old John Deere tractors and play around in old rail cars. When the time came to board the train we all grabbed seats and headed into the next... Read More
30 Jul
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: Boothbay, Maine

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: Boothbay, Maine

Boothbay, Maine Your average person gets a little funny about dropping serious coin to look at some pretty flowers. And while you may not be shocked to pay 15 bucks a ticket at Longwood Gardens–it is outside of Philadelphia and has been there for a gazillion years–12 dollar tickets at the new botanical garden in Maine can give you a mild case of whiplash. Trust me on this one: pay the money for the ticket. They could charge a lot more. We showed up at the Botanical gardens thinking we would have our picnic lunch and check out the... Read More
28 Jul
Campground Review: Camden Hills State Park, Maine

Campground Review: Camden Hills State Park, Maine

                                                   Camden, Maine I pulled up to the ranger station at Camden Hills State Park with the usual site-anxiety that grips me upon entering each new campground.  Would our site be spacious? Would there be room for the boys to play and scream?  Or would we be staring at a 50 foot RV’s sewage lines all week and yelling at our boys to get out of our neighbors dirty fire ring?  It may seem greedy for me to always expect a really big site–but when your kids wake up at 5 am each morning with... Read More

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