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15 Mar
5 Awesome Gear Recommendations from the RVFTA Forums

5 Awesome Gear Recommendations from the RVFTA Forums

This week’s podcast episode was Part 1 of our 2016 Spring Gear Guide, focusing on great products for the inside of the camper. We thought we would stick with the same theme in our blog post of the week, sharing some of our forum members’ favorite gadgets. Head over to the RVFTA forum to find more recommendations from our resident experts in the Gear and Gadgets and the Camp Food threads! #1: LED Lights Many people with RVs that were manufactured before 2015 are interested in switching over to LED lights. Brett, Nikki, and Janna... Read More
23 Feb
Shopping IKEA: Your Budget RV Superstore

Shopping IKEA: Your Budget RV Superstore

I know when you think about stocking your RV on a budget, IKEA may not the first place that comes to mind. But it should. With over 40 stores in the United States, there is probably an IKEA within driving distance of your home. And if you need to purchase products for your RV, a day trip to IKEA should be on your calendar. The Great RV Budget Stock Up Growing up in a (maybe) once-a-year camping household, I witnessed a common phenomena. Whenever a new gadget arrived in the kitchen, the old one would get stuffed in the camping bins stacked in... Read More
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