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5 Reasons to Camp Close to Home

I’ll admit it. For the last five years I have resisted every one of Jeremy’s efforts to camp near our home at the Jersey Shore. It just seemed so silly to me. If I was going to go through the bother of packing up the camper, I wanted to get away. Away, away. Like, a minimum of two hours. But this season, circumstances conspired and I finally agreed to a local camping trip. The ironic part? I was already loving the whole ‘local camping trip’ thing before we had even hitched up and pulled out. Planning, packing,... Read More
18 Jun
How to Camp Happy: Lessons from Four Years of RVing

How to Camp Happy: Lessons from Four Years of RVing

Isn’t it great when you can look back and laugh at an epic camping fail? We have all had those trips that did not go exactly as planned, and ours was four years ago on a chilly weekend at Camp Taylor in the Skylands Region of New Jersey. Our family was still new to RVing, and we had only been on three trips with our pop up camper. Let’s just say our lack of experience was embarrassingly obvious that weekend. From running out of propane in the middle of a 35-degree night, to an epic toddlers’ meltdown during a wolf preserve tour, we had our... Read More

Ten Reasons Why Your Family Should Start RVing.

Stephanie and I purchased our first RV four years ago and since then we have spent over 100 nights camping with our children.  The memories have been magical and the travel has transformed our lives in so many ways. Are you considering taking the plunge and purchasing your first RV?  Here are ten reasons why you should do so this spring. 1. Campgrounds are much cheaper than hotels.  Much.  Cheaper. 2. Campgrounds always have more family-friendly activities than hotels. 3.  You save oodles of money by making your own meals instead of eating... Read More

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