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22 Apr
7 Rules for Feeding Your Kids on the Road and at the Campground

7 Rules for Feeding Your Kids on the Road and at the Campground

Let me start by saying that there has been a whole lot of trial and error in the road food department over the last 5 years. We took our first 12-hour road trip when the twins were 3 months old. Since then we have spent well over 100 nights in our RV. So although we have had some epic food prep fails, I do feel like we have a working set of rules in place. If we follow the system, everyone tends to stay happy and healthy. Veer off the path too far, and we tend to have sugar highs and crashing melt down lows. Or worse yet, our vacation can... Read More

Campfire Cuisine Giveaway (You can use this in the regular kitchen,too)

A few weeks ago Stephanie reviewed a cookbook that she really loved called Campfire Cuisine published by the adventurous Quirk Books.  She found the recipes to be excellent both for camping and for home.  Here is a quote from her review: Campfire Cuisine doesn’t just appeal to me as a ‘camper’, it also serves as a great resource for weekday meal planning. Even if you are not now (or ever!) heading out in the RV, you could use the make ahead tips for the nights you have to get dinner on the table fast. I reached out to Quirk... Read More

Campfire Cuisine, by Robin Donovan (this is for you kitchen dwellers, too)

Honestly, I rolled my eyes when my husband handed me this book. Four years ago, when we first started camping with the boys, I did a little research on ‘camping’ recipes. It wasn’t like I was planning on cooking over the campfire or anything…two babies on a campsite kept us busy enough without having to worry about open flames and charred meat. I was just looking for some tips for planning simple meals that traveled well. I quickly found out that if you search for camping recipes you basically find recipes for stews or... Read More
12 Aug
Where I Part Ways with the New York Times…

Where I Part Ways with the New York Times…

NYT Camp Cooking Stephanie’s Camp Cooking This article on camp cooking was published in the Times just days before we left for our Maine trip: On the Road Again, and Cooking, Too. I will admit that the smaller part of me was either chuckling or rolling my eyes the entire time I read it. This article is definitely not for those who have little tykes running around while they are preparing camp food. And that’s okay. Not all articles have to be. But kids or no kids, you cannot call a recipe simple if the first step is shelling fava... Read More

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