The Road Not Taken: My Imagined Life as A Communist

So Diver Ed was a blast, but we got off the boat in sore need of some facilities and some grub. The boat tour departs from the College of the Atlantic–what you haven’t heard of it?–a small liberal arts school with an environmental focus in Bar Harbor, Maine.

We wandered into the Dorr Museum on campus, desperately searching for a bathroom. Instead we found the most stunning, touching taxidermy exhibit I have ever seen. Caught you off-guard on that one, right? I am dead (ha-ha) serious. The individual exhibits, all created by students, are arranged to be representative of the natural world in Maine and thus have multiple animals in scenes that are arrestingly honest. I could have spent much more time there, wandering around and saying interesting things like, “oh my god, look at that porcupine,” but unfortunately there was a swivel stool and a computer behind a curtain…a setup that made the little campers just about lose their minds with inappropriate glee.

We got out of there fast but not before asking the volunteer at the desk about nearby lunch options. She recommended the on-campus cafeteria and, I will be honest, I kind of smirked in a self-possessed kind of way. However, I have two-year olds and it was lunch time and how miserable do you want to get, really? So we ambled on over to the mess hall where every educational decision I have ever made in my life was called into question.

Honestly, if you go to Acadia and eat any meal at any other place, you are making a very silly decision. In fact, the next time we are up there we may just park the pop-up in one of their parking lots and see what happens. They focus on the use of local, organic, and sustainable food and all baked goods are made from scratch. Great, right? Now the awesome part– three adults and two children went through the line and got fajitas with fresh guacamole and arugula salad and seafood chowder for a grand total of $11.50. Say, what? It gets better. The cashier told my husband if we spend twelve dollars then we could get unlimited drinks and baked goods for free. My husband was practically throwing singles at the woman.

You know when you have those ‘what would my life be like if I had…’ moments? This was definitely one of those for me. But don’t worry–I have a plan and it centers around my very malleable children. Regardless of the fact that my boys seem most at home swinging wiffle bats at each others’ heads, I have formed the vision of future parent weekends at the College of the Atlantic. However they might feel, it would suit us very well indeed.


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  1. Lynn Boulger

    I love this entry! COA is the best, most student-centered college. The community is of utmost important, but – I work here, I know – we are not communists. Just idealists. Come visit any time. If the Dining Hall isn’t open, come to Turrets. We’ll have a picnic on the pier.


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