Robert Lake Park, Montreat: A Playground for the Soul

Robert Lake Park, Montreat: A Playground for the Soul

We were looking for a peaceful way to spend the day, so we decided to return to Montreat, a Presbyterian retreat community on the outskirts of Black Mountain, North Carolina. I don’t know much about the history of this place, but I do know that they managed to build what may just be the most beautiful playground ever.

With rocky streams running through the whole park, the equipment is spread out in little pockets that our kids could discover in bits and pieces, as opposed to the phrenetic but brief enjoyment that most playgrounds offer.


There is also a nearby lake with paddle boats and canoes, as well as shops, but Max and Theo really just wanted to splash the morning away. When we stopped to look at the waterfall, they asked if they could slide down it. Really?

Back in downtown Black Mountain, Theo pointed out the “Market”, a hardware store that he seemed to think had high potential for landing him a new toy or something. We avoided it like the plague, but someone without the three-kid-crazy might actually enjoy spending some time in the artsy shops that line the streets of this town.

Instead of shopping, we sat down to eat lunch at My Father’s Pizza and Pasta. Now those of us from the New York area usually avoid getting pizza while traveling. At best it is disappointing; at worst–revolting. But the reviews on Yelp! were good, and it seemed fast and kid-friendly.

I apologize for my low expectations. My Father’s Pizza didn’t just make good pizza ‘for the south’. It was just plain good pizza. I had white garlic pizza with bacon and red onions and oh my goodness. Leftovers later that night with a cold beer made campfire nirvana. My husband had some boring meat thing and he said that it was good also. I wasn’t paying attention.

We probably should have gone back to the playground to work off lunch. Instead, we headed back to the campground for naps. Vacationing is pretty hard work after all.


  1. PapPappy

    Looks like a wonderful place to visit when we vacation up that way. And the Pizza place looks to be a must stop too. DW is from Brooklyn, and I’m from NJ, so we know from good pizza too! 🙂

    So, why is that you get a comment box, and Jeremy seldom seems to have one? Guess you’re special…LOL!!

    • Lively Little Campers

      Not sure what the deal is with the comment box. That is the nicest playground I have ever been to. Period.

  2. Kelley

    I just heard you all talk about this on your Podcast #7 Road Food. We are going to Asheville Camping in June AND Sept. We will be checking this out. Thanks for your tips!!!


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