Inspiration for a Traveling Nation! Monmouth Museum

Inspiration for a Traveling Nation! Monmouth Museum

America Hits the Road:

A Cultural History of the Road Trip

Brought to you by the Monmouth Museum

The Lively Little Campers are long-time fans of the Monmouth Museum and particularly of their kid-centric and kid-terrific Wonder Wing.  The museum is located on the campus of Brookdale Community College, in Lincroft New Jersey, and it is easily accessible with plenty of free parking.  It just makes for a great morning or afternoon with the kids–particularly when the weather is bad..
Two winters ago we found ourselves spending so much time there that we bought a family pass–which we gladly renewed this winter.  So I was pretty pumped when I received a pamphlet for this ridiculously cool looking “Cultural History of the Road Trip” exhibit.  It made me even more excited about our family’s first road trip to the Philadelphia/West Chester KOA scheduled for this mother’s day weekend.
As many of you know, we also have a new lively little camper in the house, and I can’t wait to get him out on the road.  I started Wesley’s RV training while he was still in the womb by talking to him a lot about camping, family travel expectations, and my ambitious plans to show him and his brothers AMERICA and its great National Parks.  Mommy rolled her eyes quite a bit during these impromptu lessons, but I think Wesley took them to heart.  He is just a little over two weeks old but I am just about certain that he is ready for the road.  He is very chill and relaxed and he doesn’t get too worked up about his brothers’ non-stop shenanigans.  I have actually seen him sleep through 15-20 minutes of Max and Theo squeezing his head and dancing around him in circles while screaming his name and promising to buy him a pogo stick.
Wes also seems very happy when we take him outside and my little big man really seems to enjoy the fresh air.  This combination of “The Wes Man’s” indoor calm and outdoor Zen has me feeling very confident about taking him out on the road in a few weeks.  In the meantime “America Hits the Road” looks like the perfect way to kick-start another season of family fun and adventure.  I hope to see you there getting inspired for your next road trip.
Expect a full review of the exhibit in the weeks ahead.

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