Hickory Nut Gap Farm: No Berries? No Problem…

Hickory Nut Gap Farm: No Berries? No Problem…

We were sitting on a porch with friends, looking out onto the Blue Ridge Mountains and sipping sangria, when the conversation started. The talk was about who had moved to Asheville and why the rest of us New Jersey folk hadn’t yet.

Jeremy just had to pipe up…Not all of us are looking for an exit strategy from New Jersey, he said. And then looked at me…Right?

I agreed. We love to travel, but we love to go home to the Jersey Shore.

It’s just that some days, when you wake up in the mountains and go berry picking at one of the many local organic farms…


Then have a picnic lunch and cool off in the creek…


You have such a nice time that you don’t care if there were hardly any berries for the picking.

And you might wonder–do I really want to go home?

The answer is still yes.



  1. Anonymous

    By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea.

  2. PapPappy

    Home is home…it’s that simple.
    If you were to move to Asheville, you’d be taking vacations to the NJ shore, and then the Blog would be about why you don’t move to NJ…LOL!!

    Asheville is beautiful….but, it’s not HOME! We loved it when we would visit, and drive some Blue Ridge Mountain roads…..but it’s always great to get home.

    Nice story and photos!


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