Celebrating a Birthday at the Campground With Friends…and Bad Weather?

Celebrating a Birthday at the Campground With Friends…and Bad Weather?


We used to scoff at camping close to home and would never have celebrated a birthday or holiday at the campground.  But things have changed.  Last year we realized that we could camp close to home and still get the kids to their baseball games (read about it here).  This year we realized that we could camp close to home and have a slam dunk birthday party with family and friends. When the campground calls us, we must go! Even when other responsibilities are calling our names.


It was such a delightful weekend, even though it was cut short.  But more on that later.  We arrived late afternoon Friday and rain storms with thunder and lightening were threatening. But it was still exciting greeting our RVing buddies as they pulled in and set up one by one.  Sometimes we like a little “weather.”  Keeps things interesting.


It did rain and it rained hard. But not for long.  After the night sky cleared up we dug into our storage bins for lanterns so the kids could play. Their jammies were already on–but why not be spontaneous and break a few rules? We all know that bedtime can creep a wee bit late at the campground, right?



As the kids created their own private kingdom of play the adults caught up after a long week at work. The “craic” was good among old friends and among new.


It didn’t take long for a campfire to be lit and a guitar to be broken out of its case.


The sounds of music, conversation, and the crackling fire filled the air. It was a pleasant combination on a cool night. One of the kids asked for s’mores and they got them.  Stephanie made some amazing jambalaya from Fireside Provisions. It filled our bellies and was quickly gone. You’ll hear a lot more about this great new company on next Friday’s podcast. Stay tuned.



The next morning was a bit chilly, and a light rain kept coming and going. But we are raising outdoor kids who own raincoats.  So they took over the campground and created elaborate games with sticks and stumps.


DSC_3411When the rain finally stopped we decided to head to the water and wet our lines. No luck for Max and Theo–but we are still determined to up our game this summer.

DSC_3517After a few hours at the fishing hole it was time for the big third birthday party for young Master Wesley.  We were already camping with four other families  but the campground is close to home, so we invited a bunch of other friends too.  It ended up being a real shindig.  There was cake–and even–JUICE BOXES! Something our boys don’t see every day.



DSC_3540After the kids finished their cake they headed back to the playground. Coats were kicked off and pants and sneakers got good and dirty. Campground dirty. The sun felt warm and the afternoon felt extended and then extended again as if by magic. It felt like it could last forever.


But of course it didn’t.  The threat of 60mph winds was fast approaching and the adults started to whisper and mumble about leaving early while the kids ran, jumped, and screamed. No one wanted to make the call to leave.  We all waited for someone else to pack it in first.

The sun started to set and it got a bit chilly again.  One of the dads made the call. Time to go. No reason to risk waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of a tree smashing through the RV roof.  We had an amazing trip–even if it only lasted for about 28 hours.  We were weekend warriors, heading home, but not defeated. Not even close.

Want to learn more about maximizing your weekend fun and becoming weekend warriors? Check out this week’s podcast “Becoming a Weekend Warrior Part One.”  In this episode we offer seven great trips for weekend RV trips. Subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher.  

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  1. April

    Looks like a fun weekend and birthday! Glad the boys got to fish! 🙂


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