A State Park You Can Visit in a Dress: Owls Head, Maine

A State Park You Can Visit in a Dress: Owls Head, Maine
In the spirit of the New York Times Photography (see my last grouchy post), I wanted to mention a lovely morning we spent visiting the Owls Head State Park and Lighthouse.
When we left the campground that morning, I didn’t actually think we were going to be traipsing about in the great outdoors, much less climbing steep stairs and fighting off gusts of wind that wanted to lift my linen dress clear over my head and send me sailing out to sea. The loose plan was to take in a bit of ‘town’ with some shopping, a light lunch, and then maybe a swim at Sand Beach in Rockland. So when you normally leave the campground in hiking boots and shorts that have more pockets than a fisherman’s vest, it is nice to switch it up and dress like a lady.

That is unless you then happen to meet up with a friend who recommends a beautiful walk to a lighthouse just minutes out of town and it all sounds so much nicer than going into stores so you agree without hesitation before realizing you are just a wee bit inappropriately attired. Your husband however has lucked out: since he dresses the same whether attending a BBQ or a rehearsal dinner (think cargo shorts and a baseball t-shirt), he is perfectly prepared for a visit to the state park.

Well, Owls Head Lighthouse is the perfect park to visit if you happen to be wearing a dress or some other traveling finery. In fact, a scarf around the hair would probably make the experience even better. It is an easy, beautiful walk up to the lighthouse. We were able to bring up the jogging stroller since we didn’t have our backpacks with us, but the kids walked most of the way themselves.
You can’t climb to the top of the lighthouse, but the view is worth the trip up anyway. On a clear day you can see all the way to Mt. Desert Island. It was also a wonderful view of Mt. Battie, where we were staying in Camden Hills.


We even cheated and put the Owls Head State Park Stamp in our National Park Passport. It felt a little dirty, but I couldn’t help myself. I mean, how many Passports can a girl carry around anyway? Especially in a dress…

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