A Long Day’s Journey Into Night (and the fun that followed…)

A Long Day’s Journey Into Night (and the fun that followed…)

So traveling with kids is not all peaches and cream. We don’t want to sell our loyal readers a false bill of goods.  As you know, we have a blast with our lively little campers, but there are also moments when parenthood can almost drive you bonkers.

We left for our sixteen day North Carolina extravaganza on Monday at about 3:00pm.  And just like last year we decided to break up the drive to the Cape Hatteras KOA by staying at Camp Wal-Mart in Onley, Virginia–which could easily be renamed “Lonely Virginia.”  Until our camping buddies arrived we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

The six hour drive to Onley was pretty rough. Baby Wes cried the entire time.

Mommy’s nerves were shredded.  (Don’t worry, this photo is not from his car seat.  We do buckle our children in.)

Once we got settled into Camp Wal-Mart the reality set in that the camper was pretty darn hot.  So daddy heroically decided to head into the superstore for supplies and cold water.

Did I dawdle a little bit in the coolness of the camping aisle?  Why yes, I did.  But then I realized that Stephanie and my three little boys were alone in the back of a dark Wal-Mart parking lot.  So I trekked back to the worst night of sleep I’ve ever had.  The boys were sweating and scared, and I had to sleep on the floor between their beds.  The problem with this scenario is that both of the twins still fall out of those beds a lot.  They each crashed onto my head about three times during the night.  I felt a little like Holden Caulfield–The Catcher in the Camper.

Morning came and we all woke up sweaty and sticky.  So I headed outside to talk to camping buddy Joe who was parked next to us.  After we greeted each other he suggested that we get the heck out of Dodge.  He said, “I’m okay with spending the night here, but once the people start shopping and looking into our campers it’s time to leave.”  We packed up pronto and headed back out onto the open road.  Wes did a bit better during the final stretch–despite an explosive seven-wipe poop that found its way down to his toes.  Camping Mojo levels were on the rise as we headed into Dare County and onto the Outer Banks.

When we arrived at the KOA things got fun really fast (as they pretty much always do)–and the stress of the long drive and the muggy night melted away.

We played on the pirate playground…

We splashed in the world’s greatest campground pool…

Then we headed over to the bounce pillow…

After dinner we went down to the beach for wiffle-ball and kite flying…

We told the boys no getting wet–and that seemed to make them a little sad. So they inched down a bit closer to the water…

And then they disregarded our “no getting wet” rule completely.

And I am so glad they did…..


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