The Campers Stay Cool in the Battle Against the Bugs

The campers came home from our 16 day road trip to Cape Hatteras, Asheville, and Shenandoah National Park with their legs and arms covered with bug bites.  We used a few bug sprays during the trip but those southern critters outsmarted us at every turn.  I felt bad for the boys, who love to scratch their bug bites until they bleed, and wanted to try some new product out during our road trip to Vermont.

Sam’s Natural of New Hampshire, a personal hygiene company for men, was kind enough to send us a sample of their all-natural bug deterrent CAMPN’ COOL–and I’m so glad they did.  I applied the CAMPN’ COOL each evening in Vermont right before dinner and made it through the whole week without any nasty bites.  Now it’s possible that the bugs in Vermont are just friendlier than the bugs in North Carolina and Virginia–but I still give the CAMPN’ COOL much credit.  The product promised to be non-greasy, and it was.  It also promised to dry fast, and it did.  It also had a pleasing peppermint smell that made me feel fresh after long days of hiking and swimming.  The product is also made in America–which should matter to anyone who enjoys our great open spaces.

I applied the CAMPN’ COOL to the boys each night as well and they made it through the trip with far fewer bites than last time.  But I could never expect any product to keep those campers bite free.  They just spend too much time rolling around on the grass and crashing their scooters into puddles and bushes.

New Hampshire has America’s coolest license plates (Live Free or Die) and now they can also claim America’s coolest “All Natural Bug Deterrant.”  Even better, the CAMPN’ COOL is on sale right now over at the Sam’s Natural website.  I think I’ll pick me up another bottle or two along with some Cedar or Sandalwood Deodorant.  The women will swoon!

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