New York Times Article on Creative RV Design

New York Times Article on Creative RV Design
“The Cricket”
“The Evergreen Element”

Here is a link to a really fun article about some of the more”creative” or non-traditional RV designs that are beginning to show up in the marketplace.  If you follow the multimedia link on the lower left there is also a cool slide show with pictures.  Check out the picture of the RV that is shaped like the Sydney Opera House!

P.S. If you type in the word “RV” in the New York Times search box a surprising number of articles show up–some good reading there–but perhaps a bit on the houghty toughty side!

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  1. PapPappy

    “Houghty toughty”…you guys must have moved up to a TT from a P’Up…LOL!!!

    I saw the episode on Travel Channel, about RVs that showed the Cricket….neat, but too small for my 6′ 7″ body…LOL!!


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