Duck Bucko and his ’77 Winnie

Duck Bucko and his ’77 Winnie

My buddy Duck recently visited his home town in New Jersey after teaching physics in Southern California for the past few years.  I played poker with him and a few other friends last weekend and was happy to hear about his recent adventures surfing and traveling along the Pacific.  While we were playing cards Duck passed around his phone so we could all take a look at some photos of a ’77 Winnebago that he and two of his friends had purchased together.  The “Winny” was so sweet and retro-stylish that I had to get some pictures up for our faithful readers.

If you look closely you can see some pretty cool artwork on the face of the camper.  That’s not just rust.

And if you look closely at the roof racks you can see that Duck and his buddies have turned the  “Winny” into the ultimate surf mobile.  He told me that they have driven this 36 year-old charmer to Huntington Beach, San Clemente, and Ventura County.  They try to stay close to home because, “the longer the trip, the more likely something else will break.”  It was good to hear that a group of intrepid surfers could still have such an old-school adventure along the modern highways and byways of the Golden State.

Duck’s stories and photos of the “Winny” got me pretty charged up and inspired for our next big road trip to North Carolina.  We are heading south to the Outer Banks this Tuesday for a week at the Cape Hatteras KOA and then driving west across the state to the Asheville region for a wedding and for some quality family time in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Over the years, Duck’s ’77 Winnie has probably supplied countless memories for dozens of adventurous travelers. If only those (aluminum?) walls could speak!  But more importantly, the “Winny” reminds us that adventure can come in many shapes, and many sizes, and at many price points.  Great Big America is out there waiting if you are willing.

Duck–welcome to the RV tribe.  It’s like the mafia.  Once you’re in, there’s no getting out…


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