5 Awesome Gear Recommendations from the RVFTA Forums

5 Awesome Gear Recommendations from the RVFTA Forums

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This week’s podcast episode was Part 1 of our 2016 Spring Gear Guide, focusing on great products for the inside of the camper. We thought we would stick with the same theme in our blog post of the week, sharing some of our forum members’ favorite gadgets. Head over to the RVFTA forum to find more recommendations from our resident experts in the Gear and Gadgets and the Camp Food threads!

#1: LED Lights

Many people with RVs that were manufactured before 2015 are interested in switching over to LED lights. Brett, Nikki, and Janna all made the switch and recommended the following lights: Brightech and GRV Wedge LED Bulb Lamp. They noted that there are different colors available, so make sure you think about your preference for cooler or warmer light tones.


#2: Instahanger Clothes Hanging System

Kerri Cox wrote a whole blog post on her camper mod using this clothes hanging system, and we think it’s a pretty great idea. If you need a little extra hanging room, you might want to consider the Arrow Hanger Instahanger Clothes Hanging System.

#3: Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

We really hate drinking our special beverages out of plastic cups, but we also limit the glass in the camper because…kids. So when Gretchen mentioned getting Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses, our interest was piqued. Such an elegant solution to the glass vs. plastic wine glass debate!

#4: Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

You know our number one tip for brewing a better cup of coffee is to grind those beans fresh! Well, Heather and Jon use this Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Hand Grinder to make the perfect camp coffee. We love non-electric options that are great for dry camping, too.

#5: Melitta Single-Cup Coffee Brewing Cone

Many of you are addicted to those Keurig machines, but if you want to save a bit of scratch, try the Single Cup Pour Over method. It’s not difficult at all, and although we love a big pot of coffee in the morning, this is Jeremy’s go to method for his afternoon cuppa.

A big thank you to all of our forum members for sharing your favorite RV products. If you have anything to add, check out the newly posted forum thread on our 2016 Spring Gear Guide, Part 1: Products for the Inside of the Camper!

Happy camping…and happy shopping!


  1. Jim Manning

    This is a quibble, so take it in the spirit in which it’s offered…we have a B, so we have some stemless plastic wine glasses with a thumb depression in them. Everyone loves them. The wine tastes just fine. We use a Nespresso with its capsules, so we don’t grind on the road. One isn’t superior to the other, just alternatives!

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      No quibble with us…we say each to his own drinking glass. Cheers!

  2. travelswithbirdy

    Thanks for sharing my blog post about our clothes hanger. It’s one of those really little things that made our trailer so much more functional for our family. This week, I ordered a computer monitor riser (basically a black shelf with legs) to set over the stovetop, making it easier to set items on that part of the counter when we aren’t using the stove. I’ll share pictures soon! Thanks for the other great gear tips.


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