Kate’s Epic RV Trip Meal Plan: 5 Weeks, 5 People, Full Bellies

Kate’s Epic RV Trip Meal Plan: 5 Weeks, 5 People, Full Bellies

Kate Dunbar knows her way around the RV kitchen. She also knows a thing or two about meal planning for a 5-week epic RV trip with her family. Lucky for us, she offered to share her RV Trip Meal Plan with the RVFTA community.

In this post, you’ll find the two-part Facebook Live series, plus a bunch of downloadable goodies to help you prepare for a longer RV trip.

The good news is you can also use a lot of these resources for quick weekend getaways as well. Use the menu planning PDF to make a standard weekend camping menu. Then fill out your grocery shopping list and you can use that for every weekend camping trip you take this year. Easy-Peasy.

Part One: Planning and Preparing for an Epic RV Trip

First of all, how cute is this crew that Kate RVs with??? Cute and well-fed, for sure.

In the first Facebook Live, Kate is walking us through her own process of preparing for a longer RV road trip. She covers all the recipes, and her shopping list.

You’ll also see her make the marinades and seasonings, label the ziplock bags, and make beverages for the whole trip. We love that this advance prep means that they can have delicious, healthy, homemade meals at the campground without a lot of fuss.

Part Two: How do you Pack it all up?

In the second Facebook Live, Kate shows us how to package everything up so it stays fresh on a 5-week trip. She’ll also demonstrate how to roast the potatoes and vegetables.

One of the best parts about these demos is showing us how to eat healthy even on an extended road trip. We usually do okay for week long RV adventures. But when we’ve been gone for longer than two weeks, we find ourselves eating out more and more. This is generally because it can be difficult to find grocery stores in an unfamiliar location. If you’ve planned and prepared in advance, you can continue having yummy campground meals even when you’ve been on the road for weeks.

Part Three: The Resources!

How awesome is it that Kate gave us her food planning PDFs and a HUGE packet of recipes. Kate’s Ultimate RV Road Trip Recipe Packet has dozens of recipes for marinades, spice mixes, beverage concentrates, grilled dishes, and BISCUITS!!!

Camping Menu Planner:

Grocery Shopping List:

Kate’s Ultimate RV Road Trip Recipe Packet:

A big thank you to Kate for sharing all of her amazing expertise. If you are not following her on Facebook or Instagram, you should fix that situation right now. And also make sure to join our friendly RVFTA Facebook group and share pics of any of these delicious recipes you make at the campground!!!

See you on the road,

Stephanie + Jeremy


  1. Carolyn Turner

    Thanks so much for sharing !
    I was wondering what kind of olive oil do you use or suggest ?
    Ps…I have a 1960 Shasta Airflyte in the shop being restored…can’t wait to take her out camping !

    • Kate Dunbar

      Hi, Carolyn I use Lucini Olive Oil. I use it for baking, sautéing, marinades and any other recipe that calls for it. The flavor is mild and not too peppery.

  2. Tracie M.

    This is a great resource! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Jackie DeBlanc

    Thank you for sharing the recipes and tips. Can’t wait to try them.

  4. Lauren P.

    I enjoyed your very informative video!! Our family just started RV camping and I’m kinda a healthy food snob and love to cook/bake! This is such a great resource!! Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness in making this video along with the he resources provided!

  5. Leslie Williamson

    Oh my gosh! I’m so thrilled to find this post! We are traveling from the west coast to Alabama with our daughter and her two kids (2 & 4) in our new trailer. We’re taking her to the new home where her husband is waiting for her (in the military and self-quarantining before starting a new post). With the different states we travel through, and the different levels of lock down, I want to be as self-contained as possible. Thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to bask in you videos.


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