Buxton Munch: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Buxton Munch: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover
It is a requirement for every employee in a New Jersey surf shop to at all times possess a surly and unimpressed attitude toward their clientele. Not so at the Natural Art Surf Shop in Buxton, North Carolina where the friendly young lads, upon being asked where the best lunch is to be had, will enthusiastically direct you to a sketchy-looking strip mall out back.


These hospitable locals will inform you that Buxton Munch has the best fish tacos around, and they will be right. In fact, the fish tacos are so good that when you order your children a cheeseburger, it will sit untouched as you assemble the rice and beans and fish in a tortilla for them.

Oh, and the smoothies. Enough said.

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  1. Anonymous

    We like your supreme grooviness! Thank you so much for all this! We are the owners, and we THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Please come back again. It looks like we need to replace her smoothie! What a cutie! Peace + Love to you! 🙂


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